Climate Adaptation UNDP

For UNDP, adaptation to climate change means climate-resilient economic development and sustainable livelihoods, especially for vulnerable populations – the poor, women, and indigenous peoples. UNDP supports these goals by assisting over 90 countries to integrate current and future climate risks and uncertainties into national and sub-national development efforts.

Taking stock of peatlands in Southern Russia to protect a precious resource

Rad u cilju ublažavanja razornih učinaka poplava i očuvanja života i egzistencije u Bosni i Hercegovini

Six countries’ efforts to drive adaptation action through gender equality in leadership and equitable control over resources

In climate change

Improving Early Warning Systems to mitigate the devastating impacts of flooding in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Hacia una mejora de las relaciones de género en torno al acceso, uso y gestión del agua en seis países

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